Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Comments policies and why I like 'em.

There's a local politics blog 'round these parts that I've stopped reading the comments on because the commenters have gotten so nasty and - while the blogger steps in once in a while to shut them down - on the whole, the nastiness continues unfettered.

It's like school yard bullying. And it's one reason why this blog is semi-anonymous. I don't want those commenters coming here. But IF they come here, I will delete any and all nastiness they might care to spew.

I'm taking this opportunity to call attention to my comments policy which I posted awhile back in the side bar over there --->

It reads:

Rules for commenters
Here at Mystery Mommy, I'd like to welcome all commenters. Here are a few rules:

Anonymity: I allow anonymous commenting because I have friends in the interwebs who'd rather not be tracked from site to site. If you want to comment anonymously, that is fine with the following limitations: be kind; be respectful; no spam; and, when possible, shoot me a private e-mail letting me know who you are. Thanks.

Spam: I don't allow it. Spam gets deleted. If I want to sell something, I will sell it. If you want to sell something, get your own blog.

Mean-spiritedness / bullying / disrespect: Deleted. That is all.

So, welcome! I hope that you will come often and comment freely within these simple rules. Thanks so much.


3carnations said...

That doesn't seem like too much to ask. :)

kathy a. said...

not at all. i can't even stand reading comments on local newspaper articles; for some reason, the nasties seem to fly thickly, although i gather the very worst ones get tossed in the can.

Jenn said...

I avoid reading idiots online (ie: commenters) so I am all in favor of comment policies.