Monday, April 06, 2009

Four Years Ago Today

I posted my first blog post. I have loved being here. I love this community and feel like you are all my friends, friends I feel lonely without.

Thank you so much for letting me join you, and making me feel so welcome.

Things that have changed in those 4 years:
  • MM is 7! Not 3! He is a fully actualized human being who doesn't need me to wipe his tushy anymore!
  • I started a different job, then left work to go back to school, then graduated school and went back to work.
  • We moved houses.
  • Mr. Spock went from being a community activist to being a candidate to being an elected official and now is an elected official AND a candidate.

Things that have NOT changed:
  • I still chew on my fingers.
  • Still short!
  • MM is still an artistic genius.
  • I'm still reading a lot.
  • I still am working on that same pair of socks.
  • Still loving to visit with you all.


jo(e) said...

Happy blogiversary!

Andy said...

And we're still happy to know you.

Madeleine said...

Happy anniversary! I came in part way through but now I'm thoroughly hooked.

kathy a. said...

happy anniversary! and the rest of what madeleine said, too.

Andrea said...

Happy blogiversary!

Rebecca said...

Happy Blogiversary! I'm a newer reader, but have loved your moving posts and it's very interesting to read about Mr. Spock's campaign, I used to teach in Loudoun (when I lived in Martinsburg, WV).

Genevieve said...

4 years! Happy blogiversary - I've so much enjoyed reading you and getting to know you in person!

Magpie said...

Happy congratulations - and I'm happy to have met you.