Saturday, April 04, 2009

Gary Asks, Part II. "What's the most memorable live performance you've ever seen? Music, theater, comedy, whatever. "

Oh. Dear. So difficult.

  • Squeeze at the Syria Mosque in Pittsburgh (I've heard it's gone now). It was a shallow arena, so it felt very intimate and when they divided up the audience to sing Black Coffee in Bed it was a heart-stoppingly amazing feeling.
  • I also very clearly remember going to see Rick Springfield at Carnegie Hall in NYC. Sat 2nd row from the back in the top balcony. The girls behind me had a banner that said, "We love you RICK!" There were maybe three people with a Y chromosome in the audience.
  • The Weavers Reunion at Carnegie Hall.
  • Gary Oxford at Jammin' Java.


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Gary said...

I've got 2, count them, 2 Rick Springfield albums, and my brain still hurts thinking about him playing Carnegie Hall.

I am truly honored to be mentioned in the same breath as Squeeze; Glenn Tilbrook is one of the most underrated geniuses of modern pop music. Thank you. What made it most memorable for me was getting to meet you and APL.