Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I am here. Truly I am


Overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I need to do and the lack of time to do it in.

So quick bulleted update:
  • MM's teacher sent home a long-term project before Spring Break and due this Friday. Make something useful out of recycled materials. MM and I discussed it early on, and picked out an Old Dominion root beer box to cut down and turn into a Bakugon Brawlers storage crate.
  • Naturally we only actually started working on it tonight.
  • He printed out pictures of his favorite Brawlers on the backs of already used paper.
  • I cut down the box and the bottle separators, and glued a scrap strip of cardboard over the gap on the bottom.
  • Tomorrow, when the glue is dry, MM will paste the pictures all over it, write up how we did it and what it's for, load it up with his Bakugons and bring the whole thing into school.
  • Which means we won't have time to go skating in the evening.
  • Missing free-skate practice time AGAIN = FAIL. Especially since we have a free pass for MM.
  • Oh well, we did one on Saturday.
  • And we didn't wait until TOMORROW night to start it. So not an example of extreme procrastination, but close.
  • And, y'know, yadayada laundry, bills, work, grocery shopping, etc etc etc.
Life, and lots of it.


Madeleine said...

I hate school projects.

KLee said...

I hear that whole "oh, yeah -- shopping, laundry, bills, housework" thing. Why can't I be fabulously wealthy so I can have a cleaning service, but still grounded enough that I don't act like a rich jerkface?

Damn these mighty conundrums!

kathy a. said...

i really liked school projects, except for the getting them done at the last minute part. which always happened, always.

ccw said...

I'm glad that Teen L is old enough to do her projects on her own now. We help from time to time but mostly she doesn't need us.

I did enjoy projects when she was younger but always thought they were almost pointless since most of them ended up looking like an adult did them instead of the kid. (That was not the case with Teen L, we helped but never actually did the work)

kathy a. said...

in middle school, my daughter did this totally lame science fair project that involved feeding identical plants water, soda, and milk, and seeing how they did. [this idea was in stark contrast to the project done by the son of Nemesis Mom, which involved physics, home heating systems, ecology, advanced research, expensive parts, and possibly welding, and which was used later in regional competition.]

anyway, she didn't get a great grade, but it was one of the more amusing projects. the milk-fed plant started smelling pretty bad partway through the experiment, and it wasn't looking so well, either. good thing she took photos, because the dog decided it was food and ate it.

lesson: not all science turns out as expected.

purple_kangaroo said...

Sounds busy! And we're procrastinators here, too.