Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The really fun parts

Not everything about being Teh Candidate's Spouse is fun, but some parts are truly over-the-top fun, and tonight is one of those.

What does Teh Candidate do if zie needs to be in two places, making two speeches, at the same time? Hir Campaign Manager sends Teh Spouse to do one of them*.

And that's me!

So tonight, I'm going to deliver a speech to the Alexandria Democrats. If you happen to be in or near the Alexandria Democrats meeting tonight, come and say hi!

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna talk about doors and the fact that our opponent ain't the moderate he's pretending to be. I may mix in a bit about Obama's address to school children. I will definitely say something about how cool it is to live in this moment in this Commonwealth.

*Actually, this occurs only when we can get a sitter. Which we could tonight. I'm looking forward to it!


Madeleine said...

I'm sure you'll be great! Have fun.

Gary Oxford said...

This reminds me of something DeWitt Clinton said after losing the 1812 election. I can't remember the exact quote, but it's along the lines of, "If I had run against James Madison alone, I might have won, but since I had to run against him and Dolley together, I didn't stand a chance." They should call you Rustoleum because you're so effective at removing Rust.

Magpie said...

Cool - I'm glad you think it's fun! Next time, will you be running for office?

Songbird said...

How times change! My mom spoke only to "women's groups" when my dad was campaigning. I remember watching her write out her remarks on index cards. (She didn't like doing it, made her nervous!)

kathy a. said...