Friday, September 11, 2009

Lorisa Ceylon Taylor, Age 31, Died 09/11/2001

A "happy woman, always laughing", a dancer, an athlete, a good friend, "full of life". She and her husband had been married ten years and a day when the planes hit the buildings. Their anniversary had been celebrated the Saturday before with an evening of dancing.The evening of the actual anniversary, the 10th of September, they celebrated quietly at home with their three daughters.

The morning of the 11th, Lorisa kissed her husband and children goodbye and took the train from Flatbush to her job at Marsh & McLennan on the 94th floor of the North Tower. Her mother rode the train with her.

She is sorely missed by all who knew her. Her daughters live part-time with their grandmother, who lives nearby their dad. A story from the NYTimes says,
Mr. Taylor said that leaving them with Mrs. Dunbar allowed his grieving mother-in-law "to hold onto a little of what she lost," while giving him "time to myself and to hang with my friends." She agreed. She craved the children's presence, she said, because they were "a piece of Lorisa," and the tasks of caring for them kept her from sinking into despair.

I got my information for this post from The New York Times (via, the Tribute Page for Lorisa Taylor,, and CNN's memorial page.

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kathy a. said...

Thank you, Liz, for posting this.

Another of the victims had my daughter's first and last name, we later learned. Perhaps I will get it together to write her family.

3carnations said...

Very nice tribute.

Unknown said...

Gosh. I'm so sad for this family, for all the families.

Alicia said...

Nicely done. Thank you. I honor Christopher Paul Slattery.