Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yesterday's doors

Were phenomenal. I only did a few (started late and had several long conversations), but each contact was one of beauty. Here are the top three of the night:

  1. The Donor. Terrifically nice man who I actually spoke to on the phone a couple of weeks ago. He gave me a check for $51.00, took two yard signs, and promised to work on his next-door neighbor.
  2. The Volunteer. He already had our yard signs up all over his yard. I admired what he's done with his house and schmoozed for a bit.
  3. The Guy With Our Opponent's Sign. Turns out he took it because the high school kid who knocked on his door was so nice. He promised to take one of ours as well. Took a bumper sticker, too. Promised to take a Deeds/Wagner/Shannon sign. He hates McDonnell and was appalled that our opponent voted to restrict women's access to birth control.

I love me my doors. LOVE MY DOORS.


ccw said...

Mr. MFBA took signs from a woman once because she was nice. However, he asked about the candidates stance on abortion and access to birth control before she left. Once he heard the answers, he plucked the signs out of our yard and gave them back. Oh how I love him!

I love "hearing" your door stories. It is always great to know that people do care and are interested. Keep knocking! I am so impressed by you.

Jenn said...

What AWESOME doors!!