Monday, November 02, 2009

I've already blown NaBloWriMo

Yesterday was a whirlwind of meeting-and-greeting, walkingwalkingwalking, and dialing-and-smiling. My computer only saw me when I Googled up a map and the weather and checked my email.

Today, I'm at work. MM & QuiltsAlot are out on the town, probably going skating. Tonight we're having Midnight Madness - our phenomenal volunteers are going to do a last minute GOTV push.

If you're in VA, NJ, WA, NY-23, and ME, don't forget to vote tomorrow!!

My endorsements*:
VA: Deeds for Governer, Wagner for Lt. Gov., Shannon for Atty General, and (in the 86th) Miller for Delegate. Everywhere else, please vote for the Democratic candidate (if there is one) for the House of Delegates. Remember that redistricting is coming up!

NJ: Corzine

WA: YES (approve) on Ref. 71

NY-23: Owens

ME: No on 1

*DISCLOSURE NOTICE: I am married to this guy. I have no close ties to any of the other candidates I'm endorsing.


Magpie said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Songbird said...

Good luck! Good luck! Good luck! We've already cast our "NO on 1" votes early, so now it's all about the waiting.

susan said...

I'm crossing my fingers for good returns (sorry about the gubernatorial race, which is the only VA contest making the news up here).