Monday, November 09, 2009

Not on the word-study list...

The word "pour".

But we did have "poor". "Poor is?" I asked.
"Not having any money!" they said.
"Okay. It also means 'not doing well.'" I amplified.
"It also means pouring water!" said AnxiousToPlease.
"Oooh! That's a homophone! A word that sounds like this word, but isn't." I said. "Here's 'pour'. P-O-U-R. We're not doing this one this week but I'll show you a trick. See that 'u'? That's a cup. Fill it with water and pour it out. Now look at 'poor'. P-O-O-R. Those two Os are pennies."
Nods all around.

We had a similar discussion over "four" and "for". If you are curious, "four" has four letters.


Mummy/Crit said...

These are brilliant Liz!

Miche said...

Great tips! Thanks!