Friday, September 24, 2010

Home sick

Coughing and generally feverish. MS made me some lovely soup for lunch and now I'm back in bed with my laptop.

This morning we watched two videos of MM when he was 23 months and 31 months. The difference in his looks and speech are pretty amazing. At 23 months, he is clearly still a baby. At 31 months, he's starting to look like he does now. It's amazing what 8 months will do.

In the earlier video, he can see himself on the tv while the video is being filmed, and his joy in seeing FUHDEN!! That's FUHDEN! is just the sweetest thing EVER.

So I'm just a bit weepy now, but I'm blaming it on the fever.


Val said...

'Hope you're feeling better soon.

liz said...

Thanks!! I am feeling better today.

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad you took those two days off sick. You were a wreck, but it was over fast because you took care of yourself, same as you always make me do.

Love ya, Hon!


kathy a. said...

glad you're better!

we don't have many videos of the kids when they were little, but i get all choked up when i see them, too. [my son also referred to himself as "chaw-dee" at the age to which you refer.]