Sunday, September 19, 2010

Walking, Whining, and Whiplash.

Him: "I don't want to walk to the pie store! I don't like pie! I don't want to walk! I'm exhausted. I'm tiiiired. My legs aren't up to walking that far."

Me: "Well, I like pie. The pie store is three blocks from where we are. We're walking there. And that's it."

Him: "Oh! They have CUPCAKES! And Whoopie Pies! Oh! Can I have a cupcake? Can I have a Whoopie Pie? Oh! Can I have a cupcake AND a Whoopie Pie?"

Me: "Repeat after me. Mommy, you were right and I was wrong."

Him: "Mommy, you were right and I was wrong."

Me: "Walking here was worth it."

Him: "Walking here was worth it."

Me: "Yes, you may have the two desserts."


Jenn said...



Okay, carry on.

Magpie said...

we had pie for breakfast. it's the best.

Anonymous said...

MystMom didn't mention what a quaint little pie shop it is. Mom's Apple Pie is a nifty feature of the town of Leesburg. Check it out!


Madeleine said...

Love this story! Picture the AmEx ad:

1 slice of pie, $3
1 cupcake and whoopie-pie combo, $6
Your kid admitting you were right, priceless