Monday, November 14, 2005

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

God said, "Let there be LIPS."
And there were.
And the lips were big
And the lips were red
And the lips sang...

Michael Renney was ill the day the earth stood still and he told us where we stand (On our feet!)
And Flash Gordon was there in silver underwear. Claude Raines was the Invisible Man (Out of sight!)
Then something went wrong for Faye Wray and King Kong they got caught in a cellular jam (Yay Jam!)
And then a mystic race, It Came From (Where?) Outer Space and this is how the message ran

Science fiction, double feature
Doctor X has built a creature
See androids fighting Brad and Janet
Anne Frances stars in Forbidden Planet
Oh oh oh oh oh
At the late night double feature picture show.

Yes...yes, my friends, it's true. I played Janet, I played Magenta, I played Columbia, and I played Frank. I did Frank very well, but I didn't really fit the costume...but you should have seen my "Sweet Transvestite", it was truly something to behold.

Ah, bright college days, eh? And do you know, 16 years later I can still recite the whole. flipping. movie.


KLee said...

Ah -- the days of toast. To be young, and in fishnet tights. I was never thin enough to play any of TRHS characters, but I did enjoy it. I worked in a movie theater in high school and early college, and I remember the midnight shows of TRHPS very vividly.

"The moon hung low (like a testicle) in the sky." :)

Doing the Time Warp is always a blast, even today!

Genevieve said...

I added an audience line - after someone (Columbia?) zaps Frank, and Rocky growls and goes after her, I yelled, "You killed my father! Prepare to die!" Some friends who were frequent RHPS attendees said they would yell it in future showings. I wonder if it ever caught on?

corndog said...

Damn it, Janet, I mean Liz! You were supposed to be coy and make us pester you before you blogged about this. And where, o where, are the photographs? Surely your anonymity wouldn't be compromised in the Frank N. Furter outfit. And if photographs are not available, how's about more lurid details? If you can't embarass yourself on your blog, where can you?

Yankee T said...

I Heart Liz

liz said...

Alas, no photos that I know of...though there may be some out there somewhere. Shudder.

I will post some pictures of me during that era.

Some advance warning: Spiral Perm Ahead.

Phantom Scribbler said...

I totally heart you, Liz! I am not cool enough!!

KathyR said...

Spiral perm is perfect for Magenta! Just mess it up - a lot. We'll just kinda squint and imagine a sassy maid's costume.

I only saw it once in a theater, but it was the midnight show at the Tiffany in Hollywood, so that has to count for something. What a scene.

Running2Ks said...

A toast, to Dammit Janet. A TOAST!

And where ARE the pictures? I want pictures!

Musey_Me said...

I loved being in the cast of Rocky Horror. Thanks for sharing!

I also love seeing the words you recited - ours were (of course) different. :-)

Scrivener said...

Excellent post. I did the Rocky Horror thing a number of times with some friends and enjoyed it. But I was never all that into it, I guess since I can't really remember too many of the lines now.

Mommygoth said...

I had a friend get sent home from school for coming in full Frankenfurter gear during Pep Week. Ah, those were the days indeed. RHPS was the very first CD I ever bought. Now, to tell you how cool my MOM is, her plan for Halloween this year is to rent an old movie theater in Washington State and show RHPS for all her friends and their kids. I will never be as cool as she is.

liz said...

Oooooh!!! Sounds like a good place for a Blogger Meet-up!