Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mr. Spock

Originally uploaded by Mystery Mommy.
This is from several months ago and also had a sample of Muffin Man's handwriting and spelling. Muffin Man first wrote his own name to sign this picture.

Please note the glasses. I'd like to say that Mr. Spock does have hair, even if this portrait makes him look bald.


Yankee T said...

I like me some Muffin Man! He's adorable!

Running2Ks said...

He's amazing. You need to set up a blog of just his art.

Suburban Turmoil said...

Ah, you can tell your "Baby's Daddy" (as I like to call my Hubs) is at least a kind bald man!

halloweenlover said...

The glasses are awesome! I am amazed at the clear circles he draws. That takes serious skill. Daddy is a cutie ; )