Thursday, April 26, 2007

Absolutely, positively, completely, totally calm

I have fibrous breasts. I've known this for years. I have magically appearing and disappearing lumps and bumps that are as predicable as a solar eclipse. The ninth day after my period, my right breast will have a small lump two inches down from the birthmark below my armpit, the next day it will have moved about an inch forward and then it will disappear.

This means that when I got my mammogram a couple of weeks ago, I was pretty sure they'd have to call me back for another look, and indeed, that is what they've done. I'm going back tomorrow for another more squishy mammogram and an ultrasound of that there right breast.

I am not freaking out about this. This was completely expected and predicted by me. I am pretty fireplacing sure that I do not have cancer.

But I'm still posting this because I'm just a tad wee smidge nervous that I'm wrong.


jenn said...

I understand as I have very similar breasts. And I know that even with that knowledge, these things always suck. Sorry sweetie.


Angie said...

I have fibroids, too. They come and go. I don't worry about them any more but there was a time when they scared me silly each and every time.

Phantom Scribbler said...


susan said...


I am impressed with your, um, geographic awareness of your fibrous bumps--I have not so many and can never remember where they were the last time I noticed them.

I hope things go well today!

(an unrelated small note: every time I've commented here in the past few weeks, I get an error message bouncing back to my e-mail account. No big deal for me, but I wonder if you've having an odd e-mail problem you didn't know about?)

Miche said...

Sending comforting thoughts and healthy vibes.

Magpie said...

Good luck. Your calmness is awesome.

liz said...

For some unknown reason, I'm not receiving comments on my home e-mail anymore. I'll see what I can do about that.

Jody said...

I hope you're wrong, and you have lots of happy distractions until they confirm that. (Something similar happened to me a while back. No chance it's anything but what we think it is, but still, time to check. Good to know no one takes it lightly, but still a little freaky.)

SuzanH said...


My thoughts are with you.