Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bullets of a deadline-intensive week

  • Monday: Computer shuts itself down without warning while I'm in the middle of writing a paper due yesterday. I finish paper on one of MS's numerous computers.
  • Tuesday: Pig practical originally supposed to be on real pigs done with photos in a regular classroom due to unhealthfully high levels of formaldahyde in labs.
  • MS fixes computer (dust blocking fan and all the lubricant has dried up).
  • I have to study for an exam I'm taking tomorrow.
  • MM had a 3-mile Island sort of day, I'm hoping tomorrow is better.
  • I ate all the dark chocolate last week and I really, really could use some. RIGHT NOW.


Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

I am with you on the deadlines, lady. Best of luck to you this week.

Angie said...

My laptop will shut down when it gets dusty. No warning either. Good luck this week.

ccw said...

My desktop just got a new fan and now it shuts off every time I close a window??? Fortunately laptop is functional.

I have no dark chocolate to offer. I can give you mini Milky Ways, Jelly Bellys, or coconut nests.

Genevieve said...

ARGH! Hope it all goes better, and hope you find some dark chocolate soon.

I have dark chocolate covered matzohs, but am saving them for J. to eat during his camp's pizza party tomorrow in lieu of pizza.

Casey said...

Hmm. I think there may be a nation-wide dark chocolate shortage, because I, too, am finding myself in the middle of a hectic week with no dark chocolate. Unacceptable!

Good luck this week!