Friday, April 13, 2007

Things I'd Rather Do Than Go to the Dentist's.

  1. Go for my annual gynocological exam
  2. Get a mammogram.

I just got my first mammogram, and it was surprisingly not unpleasant. I didn't get much more mushed than I often do to myself just sleeping on my stomach or side and it was over quickly (this visit and the gyno visit together took less time than a dental cleaning).

So, if you've been putting it off because you're afraid it'll hurt or be horribly unpleasant (like I was), just go do it.

Oh! And I found a new bra yesterday, one that doesn't make me feel like a cow! In this brand I'm an FF, not a G. I also found a Wacoal that fit (G), but didn't work under a top that was the whole point of the shopping expedition. I'll go back to buy some of those next month as a Mother's Day present to myself.*

I'm wearing the top to a black-tie event this Saturday night. Never been to one before, very exciting!

*Reminder for you bra-wearing folk: different brands have slightly different ideas about what constitutes a 34 or a G. If you aren't finding a bra that fits, try different combinations of band and cup-sizes that are one up or down from what you're measuring. I tried on a total of 43 bras to find 2 that fit, and 5 that almost fit (one of which would have fit in a size that they were out of).


Phantom Scribbler said...

I have to go bra-shopping on Tuesday. (Blech.) I shall print this out and take it with me as a form of moral support.

Camera Obscura said...

I have no problem w/ mammogram or dentist. The gyn's polyp-removal technique leaves a bit to be desired (yee-owch) but I didn't have any this time (yay).

If I had to guess, and this is strictly IMHO, I'd say the more you have to 'gram (provided it's all-natural) the easier it goes for you. I can't even imagine them trying to 'gram some of the low-body-fat employees at the Y... (grin)

Yankee T said...

I know I'm probably alone out here in loving my twice-yearly dental visits. I love getting my teeth THAT clean and I haven't had a cavity in over 30 years, so I'm never afraid.
The gyno? Hate it. The mammo? Necessary evil-not the worst thing, but I'd put it below bra shopping, which I also abhor. Although I have finally found one that I like, and I now order them ON LINE. Excellent!

liz said...

I'd much rather go to the dentist than go bra shopping.

Sheila said...

How satisfying to have found one that works!

Last time I went bra-shopping was at the Breastfeeding Resource Center, where they are certified fitters and told me (with my mother present) that I'd been putting my bras on wrong for the last 20-odd years.

Eva said...

My big weaning fantasy is getting new bras, new bras that support, that don't smell like milk, new bras that will never be exposed since I will never be lifting my shirt up to pump...yay.

Also, we wear the same bra size! Or least that's what I used to wear. Now I wear ill-fitting nursing bras.

coffeypot said...

Sweet Tea asked me to go to the mall to buy her a bra (why? I don’t know, but I’ve been married long enough to do as I’m told.) So I go into the store and up to the sales lady. I hold my hands out in front of me with my fingers curved and spread, like a bear growling, and said, “I want a bra that fits in these.”

She called security.

susan said...

I'll have to duck after typing this sentence, as I don't wear bras at all, being so small, but I assume you've seen Bitch PhD's posts about how to size bras? That would seem to be a handy resource for bra-shopping.

I need to schedule my second mammogram this year--it really wasn't so bad, you're right.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

I am with you on the gyn being less awful than the dentist. Mostly because the gyn takes all of 2 minutes, not half an hour of muttering and "Hmmmm, that doesn't look very good."

Thanks for the mammo-info. Now I'll be less scared about going.

liz said...

Susan, I have read Bitch PhD's posts on bra-fitting and they're very helpful. She's the one who actually got me to go bra shopping the last time I got fitted (when I was a DD, a mere 18 months ago!)

Mummy/Crit said...

I don't mind the dentist (no horror stories yet - touch wood) and I don't mind the gyno either, as long as I get to insert the speculum myself. And yes, I do insist.

liz said...

I didn't know you could do that.

hamiam said...

So, hold up...wrapping my head around a "G" is hard enough, but did you say that it's a 34G that you're searching for???? 34???

Honey, you have my sympathies, for your back which must be aching, and for the horror of shopping for a bra that size.

I was complaining a while back about a 38 B being hard to find/buy....I apparently know NOTHING :)


Jenn said...

Hmm, so many things I understand in this post. My previous GG/HH life, my trip last week to the dentist where he drilled all the way to my brain, and yes that I really need to get the hoo-hoo checked out pretty soon.

*makes notes in daytimer*


Genevieve said...

Pretty, pretty top! And the crystal pins sound lovely.

Glad to hear it on the mammo, as I need to schedule my first appt. And very glad you found a good-fitting bra!

Scrivener said...

You tried on 43 bras? 43? I am complaining and looking for exits if I have to try on more than about 2 pairs of pants at any given time.