Thursday, April 26, 2007

Three things I do do that many other people don't for whatever reason

1. Get my eyebrows waxed (though not while I'm not earning money). and just eyebrows people, that hurts so much I wouldn't like to try it elsewhere.
2. Bite my cuticles. and beyond, to be honest. It looks awful and I really need to stop.
3. Wear white socks with black hightops. And I'm truly, truly sorry. I know you hate it. But the white socks are so comfy. If I'm not stopping biting my cuticles, I'm certainly not stopping this.

And re: the post below. Except for smoking, which I try to convince everyone who does it to stop...I mean, it can kill you, the fact that I don't do it doesn't mean I think others shouldn't, it just means it's not for me. I like my grey. I'm wishy-washy about my look (although I've worn the same brand of black hightop for over 20 years), my ear piercings always got infected when I first got them so I can't imagine what that would be like on a place more intimate, etc.

I'm loving your lists!


Camera Obscura said...

1. Completely the opposite -- there's no there there, to paraphrase Mrs. Parker. I pluck the strays and color them in!

2. My nail tech would kill me. She's also my best friend, and knows where I live.

3. Just... ouch.

Geez, I'm gonna hafta think about my own list for a while.

Angie said...

1. I pluck. My daughter waxes.

2. I did as a kid. Around 14 I stopped.

3. I hate socks. Except in the dead of winter up here it is a must wear.

We went shopping last night. The girl in a mall shoe store has her lips pierced. It looked like fish hooks! I asked if they hurt. She started pulling on them. It was GROSS. She made me not want to buy shoes.

Ha! I bought them anyway. 2 pair.

niobe said...

ummm...what color socks are you supposed to wear with black hightops? Or do you go, uh, commando, as it were?