Tuesday, April 17, 2007

YT's questions (one at a time)

YT has sent me some great questions, which I'm going to answer one post per question so as to fit it into my studying/paper writing/parenting/class-going/interning schedule.

Question #1:

If you were to choose right now the perfect profession for Muffin Man in 25 years, what would it be?

Well, he loves to color...so maybe an artist or graphic designer? He loves playing with his knights and horses...so maybe a F&SF writer? He loves swimming and running and riding his bike...so maybe he'll be a triathelete? He loves to eat sushi and pho and ice cream and shrimp and beet greens (along with the usual beige, white, and yellow foods 5-year-olds adore)...so maybe he'll be a famous food critic or a chef. He loves putting together puzzles, playing on the computer, learning new things at school...so maybe he'll be a scientist or an academic. He loves "reading" and being read to. He loves writing. Maybe he'll be a blogger!

He's somewhat bossy...so maybe he'll be a CEO. He's VERY silly...so maybe he'll be a stand-up comic. He's kind and loving...so I know he'll be a good man. Please, God, let him grow up to be a good man.

I'd love for him to become the first Jewish (ish) President. I'd love for him to become the first person on Mars.

I'd love for him to just be happy - raising a family, doing something he loves to do.


susan said...

You had some very sweet wishes for the very sweet Muffin Man in a post you wrote over a year ago for Annika (wishing her what you wished for him). I thought that was beautiful, and I love the flexibility of all your wishes here.

I'm pretty darn sure he'll grow up to be a good man. Why wouldn't he, with you and Mr. Spock on the job?

Yankee T said...

Happy. That's what I wish for, too. I want them to be happy.

-R- said...

So sweet! I love those old Snow White pictures.

purple_kangaroo said...

Beautiful, thoughtful post.

Genevieve said...

Love these!

He will be a good man. Look at him now.

Yep, happy and a mensch is what I want.