Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Holy guacamole, has it really been that long?

Mostly, I've been working on unbloggable stuff and have nothing to say. So I'll leave you with a quick seven things courtesty of Purple Kangaroo:
  1. I got an A+ on that portfolio I did for my Social Work class. Most of my biography (done in order of Piaget's phases) was taken from the blog.
  2. There's a fun fountain over at a nearby shopping center that kids can go play in. We took MM there Saturday and he had a blast. Then we got ice cream at Haagen Daz. Does anything say summer better than Chocolate Chocolate Chip ice cream with chocolate crunchies?
  3. I culled out my clothes and brought no fewer than 7 bras, 3 suits, several dresses, and a few pairs of pants and shirts over to The Resourceful Woman. I also threw out about 2 trash bags worth of clothes that were stained or ripped. Why did I keep them in the first place?
  4. I didn't cull out my books, but I did put them back on the shelves. I can't wait for 7/21, can you?
  5. Also gone are three large bags of miscellaneous trash. And 7 broken chairs. And long-expired canned goods (bought after 9/11).
  6. MM baked! a! cake! almost all by himself (I supervised and did the oven work). He brought it into school on Monday and shared it with his class.
  7. It's hard, when taking a Child Psychology class, not to test one's five-year-old to see what developmental stage he's in. If you're interested, he is starting to leave the pre-operational stage (he can imagine what another person's point of view is. He doesn't think that he and I have the same view if we're facing in different directions). I haven't checked to see if he has an idea of conservation yet.


debangel said...

Hey, we did almost the same thing today! I cleaned out our "bug-out bag", a duffel that we stock with clothes and meds and a camping stove in case of earthquake or fire or unexpected family visits ;) I took those clothes (way too big now)and put them in the donation bags for the Amvets pickup. Good thing I checked, b/c I'd forgotten to pack a bra in there :::shudder:::

Way to go on that A+, you curve-wrecker, you! Thanks for the hug, too =)

Mummy/Crit said...

Yay for purging, and chocolate icecream (hang on, that doesn't sound right!) As for 21/7 (as we say over here) I'm hanging out! I've put in a pre-order, and I'm doing a speedy re-read to get me up to date.

Magpie said...

Can you come and clean out my closet?? Actually, I did make a bag for the thrift shop and a bag for the Goodwill box today, and I delivered three books to my child's daycare becasue I just didn't want to own the Berenstain Bears anymore. Congratulations on the A+!!

susan said...

We are in serious closet-purging mode here, too. And in baking mode: I found Curious Girl an Easy Bake oven at a garage sale. The EB oven is sort of a hassle but amazingly fun all at once.

Good going on the grades, as ever!

Genevieve said...

Awesome accomplishments!

I will try to be inspired and do a big decluttering this summer.

ccw said...

I have a huge box of donations that I set out for a veteran's group to pick up but they did not show so now I will drag it to Goodwill and Dress for Success.

I cannot purge books, either.

Camera Obscura said...

Purge books? OK, I pass on romance novels to family and friends. Except for the vampire fic, which nobody but me seems to enjoy. But the other stuff? No way.

I was glad I hadn't done a closet purge in the last two-three years (except for the stained, the ripped, and the ooogly) when I finally got off my duff and lost the 15 lbs. I shouldn't have been carrying. 15 lbs. @ 5'2" = 2 dress sizes American. I can once again wear the tons-o-shorts I had to avoid the last two summers because of failure-to-fasten.

Early childhood psych story:

#1-Son's pre-school teacher (lordy, that was 12 years ago now) asked to "borrow" him and another girl in the class for the night class in early childhood development she taught at the local community college. #1 was 4 at the time.

She had a tall thin glass, a short wide glass, and a really huge glass. She filled the first one with water, then poured that water into the second and third, asking the two preschoolers (who had watched the entire procedure) if the amount of water was less, more or the same.

#1-Son announced confidently each time that she still had the same amount of water. The college class was agog. The teacher was making a point about not assuming developmental milestones strictly by age.

I'm presuming that kind of reasoning behavior is not normal for a 4-year-old, but since I never had any "normal" kids nor any early-childhood psych classes, I dunno for sure. The "bookends" (#1 & Daughter) would each have told you that as soon as they could answer the question, and #2-Son probably could have well before one could get an answer out of him (speech-delayed, but autistic does not equal stupid!)

liz said...

I'm pretty sure MM could do it too. I'm going to see this afternoon if he's up to it.

purple_kangaroo said...

Sounds like a lot of the same stuff I've been doing--decluttering & organizing.

I totally love that you were able to use stuff from your blog for your class!

Ann said...

Purge books???!! You mean, normal people actually get rid of books after they read them? No way. I could never do that. I should at least take them to the used book store and get some credit towards new books, but I just can't do it. Besides, then what would I have to go back and re-read when I run out of new books before I can go get more? I just can't part with books.
But since we have our house on the market and are hoping to move in the near future, I probably should go through the closets and get rid of stuff we no longer wear, use, etc. But not my books!!
I can't wait until 7/21 either. I should probably go back and re-read the old ones to get back up to speed. But I'll have to pry them away from my older son (this book hoarding must run in the family). We're already arguing about who gets to read the new one first since it seems a waste to buy two of them. My son has sure come a long way from that little boy who looked at the first book and said, "that's too big for me to read all of it". I started reading it to him and he ended up snatching it away to read on his own before I even finished the 1st chapter. That J.K. Rowling deserves a medal for getting a whole generation of kids excited about reading.

purple_kangaroo said...

I just commented to my SIL that getting rid of some books isn't QUITE as painful as getting rid of some of my children would be. ;-)