Sunday, July 15, 2007

Home again, home again

Whew. Visited with no less than 100 people this weekend what with my dad's family at the memorial, my grandparents, and the parents of my high school friend. MM was great, really held it together through it all and was very grown-up and cooperative.

Interesting discussion in the comments on the last post. Here are my latest thoughts on it: if it's a good book for other reasons, I'm not so concerned with the explicit content. Clan of the Cave Bear and The Handmaid's Tale, for instance, are books I'd be happy for him to read. Valley of the Horses? Well, I read it when I was a teenager think I'd be okay with it. Uncomfortable but okay. LKH? I just don't know. I'm guessing I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.


Mrs. Coulter said...

What age are we talking about? I read Clan of the Cave Bear when I was 12 (without parental permission) and found the repeated rapes very upsetting. I'd be much more comfortable with a young teen reading the later books, which basically just demonstrate that cave people have lots of h*t s*x.

liz said...

I read it when I was 12, too. I had problems with the rapes, but was actually much more upset by the ending.

ccw said...

I just wonder what the odds are that MM would pick some of the books that you have trouble with on his own? Most schools stay away from books that might cause parents to complain leaving kids only knowing about certain books from their peers or overhearing adults.

I know I was dying to read Jackie Collins in elementary school because I heard a conversation between my grandmother and mother.

liz said...

Yeah, but they're on my bookshelves along with mysteries and science fiction and what not. Alphabetically.