Saturday, July 07, 2007

Pooped. Boy oh boy.

Today was to be DAY OF THE PLAYDATES.

We started off with a two-fer in the AM: MM, BigTallKid, and LookAtThoseCurlsOnHim at the the pool. Then we all went to the restaurant with the big upside-down W on the doors. Then we all went to our respective homes.

Whereupon MM announced his feet hurt. His toes are all blistered, probably from when his flip-flops popped off in the parking lot. Poor fella.

So there went our plans to play in the fountain with DeepVoicedPreSchooler, but we remedied that by calling and asking if it could be a "Sit Quietly and Watch DVD's Date" instead. So that's what they did.

Yesterday we had a different playdate with my cousin from Maine, her 8 yo daughter, and her boyfriend's neice and nephew.

Tomorrow...tomorrow is another post!

I know there's a lot of stuff going on in the world what with Libby and Cheney and scandals galore, but so many other people are posting so many well-thought-out posts about that, all I feel I want to say about it is, "Yeah! What they said!" So I'm going to let these ones slide by.


susan said...

Ouch!!! on the blisters. I hope MM recovers soon.

hamiam said...


Ditto the fine print stuff. Not like we don't have thoughts on it, but with school, kids, family....oh yeah, those thoughts are not so high priority!

I tagged you for a blog award.