Friday, August 29, 2008

First grade orientation/Back To School Night

Thursday afternoon, I took MM to meet his new teacher and see his classroom. He was so excited. He loved the classroom, loved that he gets his! Very! Own! Desk! With his name on it, even! He loves that there's a shelf underneath it with books! Already! He loves that his teacher put together a get-to-know-your-classroom scavenger hunt and that he was one of the few kids in the class who read it and wrote his answers without any help.

On our way there, I asked him, "Do you think Miss B will be tall or short?"
"Thin or fat?"
"Glasses or no glasses?"
"No glasses."
"Freckles or no freckles?"
"Nail polish or no nail polish?"
"No nail polish."

He was right in every respect except freckles. She hasn't got any. She also looks a lot like his music teacher from Posh Place, so he feels comfortable with her right away and feels like he's got the ability to predict what life will be like in her class.

It seems that the curriculum may be more laid back at his new school than it was at Posh Place, but that he will be given more responsibility. That's fine with me as long as he remains excited about learning and mastering new things. The focus will be on literacy skills, which he already has in spades. They only get music, art, and Spanish once a week each --- Posh Place has them every day --- and art is really something he loves, so I'm hoping that they'll get time to draw in class as well.

And that's all there is to report at the moment...We'll know more after Tuesday!


Mummy/Crit said...

I like the idea of the classroom familiarity scavenger hunt, what a cool teacher. Lucky MM!

kathy a. said...

sounds like he is set for a great year!

Ramblin' Red said...

Sounds like a winner of a teacher. LMNOB's 1st grade teacher was amazing! (and so far, I miss her a ton over this new teacher)

Hope MM has a great year in 1st grade!

giggleblue said...

hello. i just stumbled upon your blog, because of a comment you left on another blog over a year ago. yeah, weird stuff. i was hoping you were "still around" in the blogging world. lucky for me, you were.

i am 12 and a half weeks pregnant after trying for a bit, and got laid off from my job yesterday. i'm in the race now of trying to overcome my fear of what's going on, and how i'll find health insurance coverage and a new job.

at any rate, your comment on that other blog let me know that i'm not alone, despite how alone i've been feeling in the last 24 hours. so i just wanted to say thank you for sharing.

be blessed!