Thursday, August 14, 2008

I seeb to hab a code.

Bery bery addoyig.

I stard by dew job Mudday, udless I hear differed.

How's by you?


Madeleine said...

Snuggly Girl also haz de code. Make that Snuffly Girl. Over the weekend she went though an entire large box of tissues.

Wishing you a restful weekend.

Andrea said...

I'b so sorry to hear dat you hab a code od yo last weekenb befor work.

I don't write cold very well.

Get well soon!

Genevieve said...

I just caught up and saw about the job at FMFWYL - WOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Mazel tovest of the mazel tovs!!!!!!!!!

Or, as you might say at the moment, awesobe and mazel tob. Feel better ASAP.

Ramblin' Red said...

I also hab dis code. It sux.

Coughing up phlegmy goo has made me vomit more times than I would like to admit over the past few days. (I have a super sensitive gag reflex when there is mucous involved - blech)

Take care - and hope your first day is a good one!

kathy a. said...

here's to a quick recovery!

also: sudafed. afrin. they rock.