Saturday, August 02, 2008


The world is spinning too fast.

MM, who is now sporting the classic 6-year-old smile (great big gap there in the middle where two teeth used to be), is going to sleep over at DeepVoicedFirstGrader's house tomorrow night. The following three nights he will spend at my SIL's house. Because MS and I will be at a conference in CityWithFamousIslandPrison, 3000 miles away.

For four days.

MM is staying at DVFG's house tomorrow night because MS and I are leaving on a 0705 plane and MM's daycamp doesn't open until 0630. DVFG's mom will take them both to daycamp later in the morning.

He's been looking forward to staying with SIL for months. MONTHS. And not just because my BIL has every Lego Star Wars kit known to man-kind.

But I am sitting here, filled with wonder that my baby is a gap-smiled six-year-old who is going off on sleep-overs, and wondering what the hell I'm thinking leaving my baby for 4 days. MY BABY.

He's such a big kid now.


KLee said...

It is always so hard to leave them. Don't blink, because the next time you look, he'll be 12 and about to hit teenagerdom, like mine.

I hope you guys have a great trip!

kathy a. said...

have a great trip!

Mummy/Crit said...

Wow, i hope you have fun on your getaway/conference. He's still your baby, just becoming more independent. You are such a good mum!

Madeleine said...

I know, it's hard to leave, but then you'll have a fabulous time once you take a few deep breaths.

Enjoy MyFavoriteCityToVisit!

susan said...

Those are big events all around! Hope all goes well for everyone who's sleeping away from home those 4 nights.

jenn said...

I remember strollering him along at a particular conference as he bopped a Klingon on the head with a balloon. He was only *this* big back then and had to be warned to stop throwing the barnyard animals across the hotel room.