Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Reason 6

Have you noticed that I have 5 reasons up and I haven't even mentioned Iraq?
Or Afganistan?
Or Walter Reed?
Not mentioning it here either.

Why I'm voting and walking and calling and writing for Obama/Warner/RhymesWithSeder. Part six of a series:


Openness (look at his Google for Government initiative) vs. Secrecy ("whoops!").
Honesty vs. Lies (Didja hear? McCain invented the Blackberry!)

More can be found here (ht to Cecily)

Eight years of fatal lies, cover-ups, and a culture of secrecy are enough.

Health Care, Energy, Tax plan, Social Programs, Amtrak, Ethics. Six down, more to come.


Magpie said...

Have you been reading Andrew Sullivan? Good stuff there:


kathy a. said...

i'm trying not to comment on every reason, but they all resonate. the ethics thing is core for me, though. the bush administration has conducted itself in a reprehensible way: shrouding itself from scrutiny, eroding individual liberties to further an agenda of vastly expanding executive power, lying all along the way. whatever good will he had to work with after 9/11, he has worked hard to exploit.

i hear nothing from mccain to make me believe he will reverse these trends. furthermore -- i once had some admiration for mccain [although not enough to vote for him], but mccain's current positions and behavior have eroded any trust in him, too.