Tuesday, October 28, 2008

An invitation

If you live in my area of VA, or in nearby MD, or DC, would you like to come walking with me this weekend?

I've got a baby-sitter to take care of MM both days and will be walking from 10-6 Saturday and Noon-6 Sunday. It's a GOTV for Obama walk-a-thon! How many doors can we knock this weekend? If it rains, how many calls can we make?

If you live in solidly blue MD or DC, come on out to our (now) purple state and help turn VA blue!!!

Also, if you can take the day off on Election Day, come on out to the precinct I'm heading and help me hand out sample ballots. Or go to the nearby HQ and help make calls to GOTV! Or, if you're a lawyer, go and Protect the Vote. Genevieve's doing it!


kathy a. said...

did you see this -- phony fliers being sent to democrats in virginia, telling them to vote on 11/5? http://thinkprogress.org/2008/10/27/phony-va-election-flier/

liz said...

Yes, I saw this and hope that it doesn't work.

All the more reason to get out the vote everywhere.

Genevieve said...

Yeah, those flyers worried me.