Thursday, October 30, 2008

This post is all about the Muffin Man

He knows about Santa Claus. A little girl in his class told him.

"Mommy, does Santa Claus exist?"
"What do you think honey?"
"I think it's you and Daddy."
"Well, you're right. But we do a pretty good job, don't we?"
"Yeah!....Can I be Santa too?"

My heart broke.

Every night, when brushing MM's teeth, I sing him a song that I made up. It's a little Elvis-y and MM loves it. I am thinking of singing it to Dr. Corndog, have him record it with guitars and all and make it a billion-dollar children's hit.

Also, most nights I sing to MM after the lights are out. I have a little repetoire for him to choose from: The Star-Spangled Banner; O What a Beautiful Morning; People Will Say We're in Love; Somewhere Over the Rainbow; My Johnny Was a Shoemaker; or A Few of My Favorite Things (this last one gets sung ala Ethel Merman - cracks him up to the point of hiccups). MM was overwhelmed, as I was, by the sound of over 30,000 people singing The Star-Spangled Banner and saying the Pledge of Allegience at the Obama Rally (I'm sorry, I can't get through one post without the election creeping in!)


Gary said...

With Sammy in 2nd grade, I'm a little surprised we haven't had to deal with the Santa/Tooth Fairy/Easter Bunny/Great Pumpkin/Laffer Curve reality issue yet. When we do, I hope we handle it as gracefully as you and MM did.

And I'd love to hear your song so I can record it and make a billion dollars. We can split the profits. I'll have my people call your people.

Gary said...

And by the way, between "The Star-Spangled Banner", "Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'", and "Over the Rainbow", you've got a repertoire that is fiendishly difficult to sing. I'm impressed.

Liz Miller said...

Amazingly, it's easier to sing all three of them lying down on a comfy bed than it is to sing them standing up.

Plus, I change keys for "And the rockets' red glare".

kathy a. said...

aww. i think MM asking to be a santa is lovely! the kids and i always shopped for presents for kids like them, who wouldn't be getting a lot of presents. we never passed a bell-ringer without dumping in some change or bills. we do food drives. my aunt's yearly present to the kids is sponsoring a charitable donation to a good cause of their choice.

great song selections!