Sunday, October 26, 2008

What an Obama Volunteer does when it rains

"Hi! I'm your neighbor, Mystery Mommy and I'm volunteering for the Obama campaign. I'm calling today to ask YOU to volunteer too! Only tennine days left until Election Day! There are a ton of volunteering opportunities from making phone calls like I'm doing right now, to door knocking on nice days, to bringing food to the local headquarters to feed the phone-banks! I could also use folks to help me hand out sample ballots on Election Day at YourVotingPrecinct! Can we count on your help?"

I got 1213 out of the nearly 100 I called. And one at the kids birthday party I attended.


I've also been promoted. I'm now the Election Day coordinator for YourVotingPrecinct (as opposed to MyVotingPrecinct. I actually live closer to YourVotingPrecinct). MS and I are also going to host an Obama volunteer for the last four days.


ccw said...

Good for you! You are one hell of a volunteer.

My Obama people called to see if we would be willing to volunteer. I said yes but they never called back. Naturally, that just made me mad; especially since we are in ultra-republican land.

Gary said...

You are a one-woman Republican party wrecking machine! With any luck, not only will Obama/Biden and Warner win and win big, but the Wolfman, and my own Rep., Virgil Boobe, I mean Goode, will be looking for new jobs.

kathy a. said...

you're great!

kathy a. said...

8 point lead in VA:

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

I got a call from one of you guys asking me and NSAH to volunteer. But I'll be enjoying a relaxing weekend at Hershey Spa, with my Obama-votin' mama.