Monday, January 03, 2011

Sending lunch

Everyday, I've sent a snack with MM to school since his class eats lunch late, but he was buying the cafeteria lunch most days.

After following Mrs. Q's blog, I decided that I really didn't want him eating the school lunch anymore. After all, we're trying to eat healthier at home, taking small steps like cutting out HFCS where possible.

So we sent him a satisfying lunch in reusable containers, and it was a good feeling.


genxmommy said...

Yay for home lunch! We send our kids to school with lunch about 70% of the time. I'd love to say it's all in the name of health consciousness, but in truth, it is just as much due to my kids' picky eating as it is my concern re: HFCS, trans-fats, etc. ;)

Magpie said...

My kid buys school lunch once a week - kind of as a treat, on chicken nugget day. It annoys me though, because she never has any fruit/vegetables on those days.