Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Such a cozy room

We've switched things around at Chez Mystere. Last time we were in this house, Mr. Spock had the front room under the eaves for his office. When we were planning our move back, I suggested he use the MUCH LARGER master bedroom for his office instead, so that he could get work done in a large, bright, sunny environment.

The switch has been made and now I sleep in the front room under the eaves, with the bookshelves Mr. Spock built for me (custom-made to fit the sunny alcove in the master bedroom, but they're mine and I'm keeping 'em). I like how when they're stacked like they are, they mimic the shape of the room.

My bedroom over the garage. Bed, bookshelves, slanted ceiling

On the shelves are my books (natch); some pictures of me and the family; lotion my mom gave me that I use frequently; a notice about my promotion from a job I no longer have; typewriter bookends my SIL gave us for Christmas a couple of years ago; a Christmas ornament; a set of salt-and-pepper shakers; and a glass owl I inherited from my grandfather. Can you spot the owl?

On the bed are my two quilts (one made by my mom); a picture of Muffin Man; and at least 40 more books. What, you say you can't see the books? Look closely. Still no? They're in the Kindle on the right-most headboard shelf.


Val said...

How great to have a peaceful and cozy spot set up already. :)

Val said...

(And maybe Mike and I would too if I got up from the computer to unpack some more. We only have air conditioning in the bedroom, though, and it's the other rooms that need the hard work and attention, alas.) :)

Anonymous said...

Her new hobbit-hole is indeed cozy. But calling my new room my "office" is a bit understated. It's actually my lab, with multiple workstations for programming, electronics work, computer surgery, graphics arts, and a lot of storage racks. That space isn't wasted. And, among the things it stores, there's me.

On a submarine, the torpedomen sleep with their fish. In our labs, the technonerds sleep with our robots.

Pleasant dreams.