Sunday, September 10, 2006

Vanessa Lynn Kolpak, Age 21. Died 9/11/01.

Bright. Bubbly. Positive. These are the words used to describe her.

A classmate who hadn't seen her in 10 years remembered her playing the violin at an assembly. "I remember the song she played. Her talent."

Her music teacher:"I had difficulty believing that she would not appear in some unexpected place to comfort our aching hearts."

A former employer: "I can't think of a more brilliant young woman, someone who had so much poise and grace, and someone who made people melt with her smile."

She had a big, beautiful smile and brought joy to all who knew her. She had a soft voice and a tender heart. In high school she said, "If I knew that of all of my friends, someone had to have something bad happen to them, I would want it to be me."

This young, vibrant woman worked for Keefe, Bruyette & Woods on the 89th floor of the South Tower. She called home shortly after the first plane hit to say she was fine and was never heard from again.

She is sorely missed by family and friends. They leave messages on various websites telling the world how much they still love her.

I never met her and I regret that so much. I am writing about her because I was given her name by the 2,996 Project. Vanessa, you are missed and loved and remembered.


Yankee, Transferred said...

Thank you, Liz.

Marni said...

Beautiful, Liz. Thank you!

Sheila said...

Vanessa was one of my sister's close friends. She really and truly was all the things you mention here, and so much more. On behalf of all who knew her and won't see this post, thank you.

Liz Miller said...

Sheila, I was proud to be able to get to know about her, even a little.

I will never forget her.

KLee said...

Liz -- thank you for taking part in the 2,996 Project. I can think of no better way to show that these wonderful people live on in some way than to give them a voice again on this day. For all of the people who loved Vanessa, may you feel her presence with you, now and into eternity. Your tribute was lovely.

kateandjona said...

Thank you for sharing beautiful memories of Vanessa.

Jonathon's Closet remembers Robert Levine.

Kathie said...

Thank you so much for bringing Vanessa to life for us. I found it heartwarming to read your tribute and am so grateful to see someone who personally knew her left a comment for you thanking you for the tribute as well.

Jimmy Audiffred: Let the Light Shine.

Other tributes: Frederick Kuo Jr. and Francis Nazario as well as here, also Juan Salas.

Can you help? Some of the 2,996 victims don't have tributes or the ones posted were missing so much, it would be a disservice to their memory, family and friends if one wasn't posted that truly honored them. For a list of these individuals and more info, please go to: and click on "Remembering The Forgotten".

Please pass the candle by sharing other tributes while leaving kind words in the comments of blogs paying tribute to the 2,996 lost on September 11th.

God bless,

purple_kangaroo said...

Neat project. Thanks for writing about her.

Anonymous said...

i dont know u but ive read about u and im touched so i will use u for my project hope u think its fine for me to use u

Anonymous said...

I worked with Vanessa and saw her about a week before she left for New York. We used to ride either by car or train back and forth to work and have laughts about things we were working on. Her other office friends were truly shaken when on the Sunday following 9-11 some of us heard an interview on a Chicago TV channel-- we were stunned when her FATHERS name was listed below. None of us could believe that such a talented,kind,beautiful life and with such a future could end this way and so soon after starting. We all promised to keep in touch... I do by prayer-- like most of the nation I still get chills when 9-11 comes around. I will think of her always.....GOD BLESS and we'll remember you ALWAYS. Chris

Jennifer Snyder, Pomona, CA said...

Our church conducted a special service this morning in rememberance of the victims of that day. Each of us received a card with the name of a person killed in the attacks. I received Vanessa's card and spent time praying for her family and for peace and comfort for everyone affected by this tragedy. I never met you Vanessa, but I'll see you in Heaven.