Thursday, December 18, 2008

One Thousand

One thousand posts.

Some long.

Some short.

Some happy.

Some sad.

Some funny.

Some really, really not.

Some thoughtful.

Some less so*.

Some self-absorbed.

Some less-so.

Some arty.

Some crafty.

Some industrious.

Some lazy.

1000 posts in 1322 days.

When I started, I thought I'd be talking more about books. And I did do some talking about books. But somehow, I ended up being more Mommy than Mystery. Or perhaps more Life than Lit. You don't always see the best of me here, but there are also things I can't won't don't talk about here for various reasons.

* seems I've never enjoyed knitting that sock. And yet...I keep knitting it. WTF?


Dr. Corndog said...

I looked at Target for a card celebrating such an accomplishment, but no luck. So here's my own sentiments. Congrats on 1000 posts! Thanks for sharing so much of yourself and for being the bestest bloggy buddy I know. And Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Madeleine said...

Happy Millenium! And many more . . . .

jo(e) said...

Congrats! That's quite an accomplishment!

kathy a. said...


susan said...

How millenial! well done, Liz.

Andrea said...

Congratulations! I'm looking forward to reading the next thousand. :)

Jody said...

Congratulations! (You got there at quite an impressive pace!)