Friday, December 30, 2011

First sentences

Most years, I do a post of the first sentence of the first post for every month throughout the past year. Here they are for 2011.
  • January:
    This year, my resolutions are to send my son to school with a packed lunch at least 3 times a week, and to be a better house-keeper.
    I wasn't perfect on this front, but I did pretty well. Keeping these as my resolutions for 2012.

  • February:
    Here's the birthday boy, playing Epic Mickey (one of his birthday presents)
    Muffin Man's birthday is on the first of February, so the first post tends to be about that.

  • March:
    Over ten inches off!
    Mystery Mommy gets a haircut, a story in pictures.

  • April:
    I'm wearing this in aubergine.
    Still one of my favorite things to wear.

  • May:
    Muffin Man's science class is talking about habitats, the environment, the food chain, and all that kind of stuff.
    I should have posted the picture myself. Mr. Spock's blog is gone.

  • June:
    This jacket from Nordstrom, it's by Halogen and it breaks my rule about pockets near the rack of doom.
    Outfit blogging, with pictures.

  • July:
    Please keep my Grandma in your thoughts.
    She's recovered well and is back home. Celebrated her 93rd birthday the other day!

  • August:
    We've switched things around at Chez Mystere.
    A picture and description of my bedroom.

  • September:
    So, 11 days ago, I got a Droid X2 to replace my Droid Eris, which died an ignoble death (dropped from a height onto uneven pavement. Smash).
    I still don't know how to plug ICE phone numbers into an iPhone. Do you?

  • October:
    Yesterday morning, after breakfast, I hauled out of the fridge several pounds of beef cubes, a sheaf of golden beets, a bunch of young carrots, a bag of red potatoes, a package of chopped crimini mushrooms, a leek, a large onion, and a quarter of a stick of butter.
    And now I'm hungry.

  • November:
    We didn't know when Muffin Man asked to be the Cone Head Zombie from Plants vs. Zombies this year that it would be so topical!
    I'm pretty proud of that costume.

  • December: There are no words on that first post. It's just a video of The Roches singing "Star of Wonder" as the first song of 25 for the December Holidays. Here they are again.

Happy New Year!!


Anonymous said...

Nifty way to do a retrospective.

For 2012, feel free to replace your banner. I was proud of being able to make that one, but it's kind of chaotic and some of its imagery is about to become obsolete. I could make you a new one, to specification, or just pick your own. Just don't want you to feel beholden on the point.


kathy a. said...

sweet post!

and awww, the offer of a new year gift!