Monday, February 13, 2006

Helping hands across the internet

Annika, who I spoke of below, is a five-year-old girl with congenital liver disease. She's had two liver transplants in her young life and is currently having serious health problems after a few years of relatively good health. You can read all about her and her little sister Frankie on their mom's blog, Falling Down is Also a Gift.

The per-year limit on their insurance - One Million Dollars - has already been reached for this year. It's the middle of February! As of today, they may have no insurance to cover Anni's hospital bills.

All over the internet, people are coming together to raise money. Andrea of Beanie Baby is keeping the complete list. As soon as they are up and running, I'm going to have buttons with links over here to the right -->

There are so many good ideas: a cassarole campaign, raffles, auctions.

So much love, so many prayers. If it is at all possible to make someone healthy by an effort of many wills, then Annika's prognosis must be excellent.

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Phantom Scribbler said...

Thanks for helping to spread the word, Liz!