Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hey you guys!!!!

I just found out from Danigirl that The Electric Company is being release on DVD! It was released today!!!

Silent E! LY! Letter Man! Holy guacamole, I need this DVD.

I've put it on my wish list. It's at the top. My birthday is next month.

Can I possibly wait that long?


Yankee T said...

When in March is your birthday?

liz said...

The 18th. The post is a broad hint to my parents. Hint! Hint!

Are you a March baby too?

elswhere said...

Ooooh! We need this! We totally need this!

And my birthday isn't till June. Darn.

But...MG's half-birthday is coming up! Hmm.

Catizhere said...

Isn't this the show with Morgan Freeman as the Mystery reader???

ccw said...

This was my very favorite show when I was little. I must have this. My birthday is March 11th, I think it would make an excellent gift.

Yankee T said...

no, Liz, I'm January...I was just wondering. :-)

Fuzzball said...

When I read this I squealed so loud that I woke up the dog who promptly fell off the couch in surprise and then farted. Now I'm laughing AND squealing. HOORAY!

SuzanH said...

Yeah! I LOVED Electric Company!

I can't believe you'll wait!