Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I am such a sucker for these things


Mummy/Crit said...

Oh Wow. I was thinking of this today when I was at the mall to escape the heat. They played 'Shiny happy people' over the PA, followed by 'Love Shack' and I was in Kate Pearson heaven. This is one of the SS crew's finest moments.

Madeleine said...

I love that too! I have the CD but I hadn't seen the video. The banjo player looks like he'd rather not be there, though.

This one isn't as great of a song (in my snobby opinion :-) ) but I love what they did with it:

Hold my hand, when you cross the street
Hold my hand, cross at the corner and look both ways
Hold my hand
Cause I'm gonna help you the best that I can

Ooh, and this one:

You can't hear Marlee Matlin on the CD!

Yes, I've fallen down a hole and I can't get out.

Madeleine said...

OK, just one more! Small child steals the show from Paul Simon. Love this on CD but holy cow, even better with video.


Also, catch the kid wandering through the door behind them halfway through. That's Old Skool genuine kid stuff, you know? Not as polished as the newer ones. Love it.

Dr. Corndog said...

This might be better than the original. As a former stand-up bass player myself, I love seeing Mike Mills on big ol' gutbucket, although I wonder why he wanted to look like the bastard child of Andy Dick and Velma.

liz said...