Monday, January 19, 2009

More on the whirl of gaity

Last week's ball was in MD on the totally opposite side of the beltway from where I live. MS and I sat with three really lovely women, one of whom works for The Library of Congress and could I be more jealous? No, I could not. We had a great conversation about lots of things, including Star Trek trivia (who was the captain of the Enterprise before the captain before Kirk? MS knows.)

We all toasted Obama - his historic win, this historic moment. And then I turned to the three women we were sitting with and said, "And to having a smart President!" and they all said, "Amen to that".

Two of the three women were going to yesterday's concert and tomorrow's parade, the other said, "Yeah, you have fun with that. I'll be home watching it on TV." MS and I nodded and told of our plans to go to a Young Democrats watch party.

I'll stand out in the cold and rain all damn day to hand out sample ballots on Election Day, but I'm going to be warm and dry while watching Obama take the oath.

Tonight, we go to another ball at LargeMuseumAtTheAirport. The new DNC chair will be there -- I mean the Governer will be there, and so we have mild hopes that a surprise appearance might be made.


Madeleine said...

Oooooh. We went to LargeMuseumAtTheAirport a couple summers ago. Cool spot for a party.

I will never forgot SG whining and whining as we walked around, and then we turned a corner to face the FarTravelingCraft and her jaw hit the floor. She ran over and swung underneath it by the railing. If your gown and your modesty permit, it's a great angle for looking at the Craft.

JugglingFreak said...

"who was the captain of the Enterprise before the captain before Kirk? "

That's easy.. Chistopher Pike (and Robert April before him..) Of course, I also have a Starfleet emblem tattoo on my arm.

liz said...

Give the man a cigar! (Applause)

MS doesn't have a tattoo, but he impressed the Deputy Director of LargeMuseumAtTheAirport with his knowledge of the Saturn V.

We've got to get the two of you together.

JugglingFreak said...


I did numerous reports on the Saturn V and the Apollo missions when I was in school. (Skylab as well as it's orbit was decaying at the time.)

liz said...

I'm telling you, next time MS and I go down to visit my MIL, you and he need to join me and KLee for a geeky get-together.

KLee said...

I can go for some of that! Lunch!