Sunday, January 18, 2009

On the one hand

MM insists that he hates the new house.

On the other, he is eagerly planning how his toys will fit into the new playroom (which, incidentally, is larger than his current play room).

On the one hand, he definitely does NOT want to play on the new playground.

On the other, it IS really cool that he can walk there without crossing any streets.

On the one hand, the house is ugly, the paint is ugly, and he's NOT MOVING.

On the other, "No! Don't peel off that window thing! I like it!"

I think that once we've moved and his stuff is there and it's easier to play with it all, he'll be okay with it. But the transition's probably going to be a fireplacer.


Madeleine said...

Yes, and yes. But it will also help that he's staying in the same school for now, so that part of his life will be steady.

My word verification is "ingra" as in ingrate! Not that MM should be grateful to you for making him move, though.

Andrea said...

This is a lot of work for you. I'm exhausted just thinking about helping him settle into the new house, along with everything that goes along with *why* you're moving in the first place.

KLee said...

Sorry -- I know it's a big transition for him. I'm sure that he'll manage to find new things to enjoy about the new house. Send him kisses from all of us to help!

kathy a. said...

sounds like he is working it through. but oy, moving!

Genevieve said...

Good luck! I understand - I remember being mad about moving when I was a few years older than MM (same school, just moved from apt to townhouse). But once I got there, the good parts about the new place became more and more apparent, and I hope that for MM as well.