Saturday, January 31, 2009


Got a call from Wegman's today. The ice cream we ate several months ago could have been contaminated with those nasty peanuts.

Wegman's Heavenly Hash (this was our purchase)
Wegman's Tin Roof
Wegman's Cones and Peanutty Cones

I just want to say kudos to Wegman's for using the purchase-tracking cards to let people know about recalls of foods.

I also want to say that none of us seem to have gotten sick from that ice cream, and it was delicious.


Miche said...

That's awesome customer service!

(And ever better news that you weren't inconvenienced health-wise by the purchase.)

Ramblin' Red said...

That is amazing customer service - restores my waning faith in humanity a wee bit.

Glad y'all are not sick too!