Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Sorry so silent...again

The unbloggability of some aspects of my life are making it hard to blog about ANY aspects of my life. Suffice to say that if I ever can write about it, I will.

In the meantime, random bullets of what to write about when I can't write about what's really going on:

  • Somehow MM has accumulated over 330 Pokemon cards without us buying him any or, in fact, being allowed to watch the show.
  • He wants ice skates and skating lessons for his birthday. That's a birthday present I can get behind.
  • He keeps growing taller. How come he's not gaining any weight?
  • He has made me swear not to cut his hair after August 1st, because he wants to be Harry Potter for Halloween.
  • We bought him a black-and-grey-pinstripe suit this weekend and he looks like the world's smallest, cutest gangster.
  • I got two shirts and two pair of pants for me at the same time. I love clothing store gift certificates!
  • The meatball sub at the cafeteria here at ThreeMilesFromHome is delicious.
  • I love to watch my husband work.
  • On my white board here at work I wrote the following:
    1. Don't throw bouquets at me.
    2. Don't please my folks too much.

    3. Nobody got it. I mean COME ON PEOPLE. I've TOLD them I write snippets of song lyrics up there. WHAT IS THEIR PROBLEM?

  • I love my Never Not Knitting Page-a-day Calendar
  • I took a break from knitting those socks to read. Now I'm back to knitting.
  • August is a long way away.
  • So is May.

So, what's up with you?


Ramblin' Red said...

no apologies necessary - I understand the absentee blogging thing.

LOL at the pokemon cards thing - here too!

LMNOB asked Santa for ice skates this year and got them. Now we have to wait for her NYE damaged toe (door ripped her toenail off) to heal before we can go skating. Is it wise for a 5+mos preggo to skate with her family??? I may sit that out.

Lastly - your boy sure thinks ahead (August and Halloween??? Some serious planning there!)

liz said...

Yowtch!!! I'm sorry about her toe.

And yes, he's a planner, that boy.

Genevieve said...

I wonder what he traded at school for the Pokemon cards?

Love the idea of him as the world's smallest and cutest gangster (shades of Bugsy Malone).

People Will Say We're in Love, of course! Silly work people. (we just watched the Hugh Jackman staging - it was excellent)