Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's that time of year again

I missed it last year, I think. But here it is for this year: the first line of the first post of every month of 2009.

January: "Reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, in bed, an hour after lights-out, with a flashlight." (that's my boy!)

February: "From this (picture) to this (picture) Lego-maven, Pokemon card collector (shudder), Harry Potter follower, singer, runner, funny, silly, smart, rockin' reader, polite (most of the time), considerate of his friends, loving, snuggly, and very very sweet." (my boy turns seven)

March: "Packed books and toys and there are still more books and toys to pack." (and not everything's unpacked yet)

April: "Look! I park in the garage!" (I never DID get around to posting pictures. Sorry 'bout that)

May: "MangeTout in New London is delicious. Please don't miss their Black & White Chocolate Macaroon Tart. Oh. My. God. That was amazing." (on my trip to Connecticut)

June: "If I weren't already pro-choice, reading Cecily's blog would have made me so." (really just a link to this post)

July: "On my way to the event." (I never did get more photos. Darn it)

August: "Had a great time talking with assorted wonderful people about politics, skylights, and expanding houses." (Talking about a weekend at my mom's country house)

September: "Couldn't find one of the houses I was supposed to visit yesterday." (I really hate that)

October: "Yesterday I did 23 doors IN HIGH HEELS." (Yeah. Not my brightest moment.)

November: "Yesterday was a whirlwind of meeting-and-greeting, walkingwalkingwalking, and dialing-and-smiling." (the day before election day.)

December: "Labyrinth card game: we love this game." (we've given it as a gift to three different families now)

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