Tuesday, January 08, 2013

First sentences

It's (past) that time of year again.

Time to list the first sentence of the first post of each month from last year.

January: Starting the New Year off right.
"New Year's day was spent getting some hardware sorting boxes from BigBoxHardwareStore (and a rug to cover the speaker cables in the living room, because I was sick of tripping over them), and then helping with Muffin Man with the sorting of the pieces of his brand new Lego Mindstorms NXT set."
"Muffin Man is 10 today."*
March: My son got excited and made something for me.
"The best part is that he made it using something that his dad got excited and made."
April: A fairy tale.
"Once upon a time two days ago, a wicked mother offered to go with her good and handsome son to buy a new two-wheeled steed for him to ride upon while slaying dragons in the surrounding kingdom."
May: What I've been reading, OMG I love my Kindle edition.
"The latest books in several series came out, and I got 'em that very day sent to my lovely lovely Kindle,"
June: Vacation review and wrap-up.
"I was away on vacation last week (sorry no notice, ever since I stopped blogging anonymously, I've stopped giving advance notice on absences). "
July: Maisie Dobbs is my new obsession.
"Just finished book 5 this morning"
August: Do you like my hat?
"This is the hat I've talked about before. "
September: Brief bullets of Labor Day
"Muffin Man is awesome and has an award to prove it."
October: "I don't suppose you have any sushi?"
"Muffin Man the other night at Bonefish."
November: It's election day. I'm at Dominion Trail Elementary handing out sample ballots.
December: December holidays are here again
"Which means I'm bringing the music and the hand-made chocolates."**
*(The first February post is always about MM's B'day. He was born on the first)
**Boy oh boy did I ever bring the hand-made chocolates. 37 dozen. THIRTY-SEVEN DOZEN.

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