Wednesday, January 07, 2009

First lines

I try to do it every year. The first line of the first post of every month last year.

January: I've introduced MM to the joy that is Bugs Bunny. (Wabbit season!)
February: First off, my SIL is profoundly awesome. (party! Again!)
March: He was well-behaved and very, very quiet. (I brought my six-year-old to a three hour class)
April: Nearby U has a slot for a student speaker at Commencement. (alas, it was not me)
May: MS shakes me to get me out of bed this morning. (I'll never hear that song the same way again)
June: This morning we woke up and we knew... (we've made it three times since then, yay us!)
July: Tomorrow I'll be marching in the parade with the Obama section, wearing my husband's name emblazoned across my chest, holding my son's hand, and smilingsmilingsmiling. (That was fun!)
August: I'm gonna work Five Minutes From My House! (They'll have to pry me out of there with a crow bar)
September: 1. Eating his lunch that he brought from home in the cafeteria. (He still loves bringing his lunch. As long as it's not pizza or taco day)
October: I woke up at 4:30 to leave at 5:30 to drive 4 hours to a place SW of me in my state to attend a conference on my volunteer committee work. (That was definitely worth the trip)
November: I have knocked my last door. (damned funny how the first post in November two years running is about my tired tootsies.)
December: I scored the sole Boston Cream donut at the cafeteria today! (mmm)

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